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Club Night Countdown (CNC) is the most innovative and interactive MUSIC COUNTDOWN SHOW of its kind. CNC offers endless avenues of imagery exposure through internet, television, and ‘word of mouth’ marketing. These opportunities are available to any individual, business owner, promoter or corporation. CNC is a progressive conduit – it is designed to travel to various nightlife locations highlighting the hottest venues. So join the CNC excitement and vote for your favorite artist while you and your business reap the benefits of unique and effective exposure opportunities, and be involved with the hottest countdown ever. Club Night Countdown – Don’t Be Counted Out!

Innovative Concepts International (ICI), founded in 2006 by Jemika Hayes, is a creative and innovative concept firm. We create concepts and partner with entrepreneurs, businesses and firms to bring these concepts to life. A great idea without the proper planning and people is bound to fail, that's why at ICI we help build a foundation you can trust. Whether it’s a new idea that has never been heard of or a current concept redesigned, ICI takes it to the next level. With our team of web and graphic designers, proposal writers, marketing professionals and concept builders, investing into an innovative concept is the right choice for you. We provide pre-existing concepts waiting to come to life or we help your company build and execute your own great ideas. Innovative Concepts: International Imagine | Design | Execute Great minds think alike, Join us Contact: Mr. Hayes: MrHayes@clubnightcountdown.tv

YHOG Inc. is one of Minnesota’s leading production companies. At YHOG, we’re here to bring your vision to reality. Be assured that your business is important and of the utmost priority to us. At YHOG your project or event is never just another number or order to fill. There aren’t many production companies that can promise and deliver you quality, excellent customer service and reasonable pricing...but here at Y.H.O.G. Inc. we can! Our services include but are not limited to Music Videos, TV Commercials, Infomercials, and Training Videos, Event Videos, Documentaries, Video Editing, Video Transfer and much more! We are committed to making your event the one you’ve dreamed of and providing you with the best quality and services at great prices. Feel free to call us at 612-609-0100 for a free quote or visit our web site at www.yhoginc.com. "Find out what Y.H.O.G. can do for you!" For more information about YHOG please contact Vizion@clubnightcountdown.tv










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