Below you can view professional and personal interests I have.

About Me

I originally began learning HTML with the aim of creating personal websites for myself and my friends. I quickly found a passion and an ambition for a career. I pursued learning other web technologies such as CSS, XHTML and eventually scripting/programming languages such as JavaScript and PHP. I have also been working with Adobe Photoshop for several years and am capable of optimizing supplied graphics for the websites I produce.

Future Career Goals

  • Continue to develop a knowledge in JavaScript frameworks such as JQuery, ProtoType, MooTools and others to create more interactive web pages.
  • Learn object-oriented programming using PHP and MySQL to create more database driven websites.

Personal Interests

  • Staying active in sports such as broomball, softball, hockey and tennis.
  • Listening to music.
  • Cheering on my hometown teams, the Minnesota Twins and Vikings.


“Thanks to Justin's hard work and dedication we have a sophisticated website that's easy for our customers to navigate. His attention to detail created a site beyond my expectations. His prompt work allowed me to get our Discount Card out to consumers in a very timely manner. I would absolutely recommend Justin's work to anyone seeking a highly functional web site.”

— Jim Cramond
Revolutionizing Discounts

“Justin is a pleasure to work with, efficient and a great problem solver. Justin did a great job getting my website redesign up and running quickly and smoothly. His collaboration was key in implementing a successful update. I would recommend Justin to anyone in need of web development.”

— David Sherman
David Sherman Photography

More testimonials coming soon…